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Immigrants and Refugees

Immigrants and Refugees

Extending the tradition of immigrant entrepreneurship

Immigrant entrepreneurs have long played a key role in the growth of our nation’s economy, and their contribution is just as critical today. In 2017, immigrant-owned businesses employed nearly 8 million Americans and generated $1.3 trillion in total sales.01

But access to capital is a major challenge for these entrepreneurs. A lack of credit history in the U.S. coupled with mainstream lenders’ lack of understanding of immigrant borrowers and their businesses can prevent them from securing the capital they need.

The Economic Justice Fund recognizes that immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs are vital to the economic well-being of our nation, and we are committed to helping them realize the American Dream. Learn about the services we provide.


of Fortune 500 firms were founded by 1st- or 2nd-generation immigrants.


of Fortune 500’s top 35 firms were founded by 1st- or 2nd–generation immigrants.

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  2. Source for both stats: Immigrant Founders of the 2017 Fortune 500, Center for American Entrepreneurship.