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Economic Justice Fund

Who We Serve

We empower people who dream

Opening doors for overlooked and underserved entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs lack access to capital for reasons that have more to do with their race, gender, income, or other factors than with their abilities and ideas. The Economic Justice Fund is dedicated to creating opportunities for a wide range of underserved entrepreneurs.

Low-income Entrepreneurs

We believe that a lack of wealth should never stand between entrepreneurs and their dreams.

Entrepreneurs of Color

The racial wealth gap is a major obstacle for minority entrepreneurs. We are committed to helping them succeed.

Women Entrepreneurs

More women are starting businesses. We want to make sure they have equal access to capital.

Healthy Food Entrepreneurs

Millions of low-income Americans lack access to healthy foods. We support businesses that bring affordable, nutritious food to their communities.

People with Disabilities

Entrepreneurship can be a path to prosperity for people with disabilities. We provide opportunities for disabled entrepreneurs to start successful businesses.


Twenty-five percent of service members transitioning to civilian are interested in starting their own businesses. We help them become successful entrepreneurs.

Native American Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship strengthens Native communities. We are committed to helping Native entrepreneurs achieve economic self-determination for themselves and for their communities.

Immigrants and Refugees

Immigrants and refugees have always helped build America’s economic strength, and we help them realize their American Dream.

Where We Work:

The Economic Justice Fund is currently Active in California