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Economic Justice Fund
What We Do

Policy and Advocacy

We speak up for the underserved

Advocating for economic justice

The revitalization of our nation’s low-income communities requires effective public policy initiatives that foster economic justice. We educate policymakers at all levels of government to understand the systemic barriers that the underserved face and to develop appropriate solutions.

  • Advancing federal policy
  • Advancing state and local policy
  • Building partnerships and coalitions

The Economic Justice Fund’s policy and advocacy initiatives focus on three areas:


Federal Policy

We work with the U.S. Congress and other partners to create, expand, and protect federal community development programs that advance economic justice.


State and Local Policy

We work in state legislatures and city halls to expand resources and programs that support the underserved.


Partnerships and Coalitions

We build partnerships and coalitions with a broad range of organizations to bring more voices to advocate for economic justice.