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Economic Justice Fund
What We Believe

Capital and the Common Good

Capital and the Common Good

We believe that expanding access to capital for underserved entrepreneurs serves the common good.

Providing capital to enable underserved entrepreneurs to launch their businesses can transform the lives of the entrepreneurs and their employees and invigorate the communities where those businesses are located.

But the impact of these businesses extends well beyond individual households and local neighborhoods.

Successful small businesses and microbusinesses in underserved communities help build the nation’s economy by reducing unemployment, increasing productivity, spurring innovation, and generating tax revenue.

They also help build a society that is more inclusive and more just by reducing poverty and inequality and increasing opportunity and social mobility for people who have been left out of the economic mainstream.

The success of these businesses demonstrates the potential of small businesses to generate economic and social impact and inspires other aspiring entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them.

We believe that expanding access to capital for underserved entrepreneurs advances the common good, benefiting the broader society as well as the local community, and we are committed to empowering underserved entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.


of borrowers were minorities, according to a survey of U.S. microlenders.01


of borrowers were women, according to the same survey.01

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